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Hello! What???

Well, hello! Long intended hiatus.....and it was full, busy, stressful, not stressful, lots of travel, lots of changes. For one, I had teenagers five years ago. Three of them. And now in just a few weeks I will have a grandchild that's no longer a teen. Sigh.  My roots will attest to these very things. I digress. It hasn't been that long ago that my spouse and I realized we are in the short strokes of our working years, and whatever shall we do with good retirement planning and two incomes? We love, LOVE to, travel, naturally! Of course we both love Colorado and we have both had some good trips out in the last five years, both with kids and without. And there are good trips planned for the future. Spousal unit will start section-hiking the CDT this summer and I will have two trips there over summer/fall for general merriment and mayhem with friends. BUT...... There is one place I have long wanted to travel to, a country I have read about since I was a